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The Red Velvet Kitchen Story


The classic Red Velvet Cake is a Southern recipe made with the unique combination of buttermilk, vinegar, and just a touch of cocoa. Using red food coloring or beet juice, it makes an amazing red layered cake with cream cheese frosting.

This adventure started in 2001 when, in a hurry, I attempted to bake a small Red Velvet sheet cake using my reliable recipe from memory. 

Something went wrong and instead of a cake I ended up with a pan of the most delicious and moist Red Velvet brownies I could imagine. 

After numerous failed attempts to recreate the accidental Red Velvet brownies, I finally got it right. 

Then I started thinking what else I could do with this yummy cake batter.  Why not incorporate this delicious flavor into other recipes?   So, I did. 

Every recipe I have developed has been tried, retried and tested to ensure the distinct Red Velvet flavor is unmistakable.  I put 53 of them in a book "Red Velvet Everything!"

Then I bottled my delicious Red Velvet Syrup and started packaging Red Velvet Pralines and Red Velvet Fudge Sauce and Red Velvet Pound Cake and Red Velvet Wedding Cookies and even more wonderful Red Velvet recipes for everyone to enjoy!


Debra Hart






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